From each of the business owner’s: We will need :

1 PFS ( Personal Finance Statement )
2 Copy of DL and Social Security. ( Color Front / Back ).
3 PERSONAL TAX RETURNS – From the last 3 years
4 The last 04 pay stubs from each applicant. ( If applicable )
5 Personal bank statements from each applicant – From the last 3 months
6 Pull a Credit Report, from each applicant.
( We need borrowers authorization form to be signed- see attached )
7 MGG Capital Partners Pre-Qualification Package
( see attachment ).each partner must fill out this package.

Note: ( the same information applies to any other partner/ owner
of the company with more than 20% ownership on any other business)

From all Businesses: We will need:

1 Cert of Filling.
2 Cert of Formation. (FORM 205)
3 Cert of Authority
4 Assumed Name Cert. (FORM 503)
5 Tax ID# ( IRS SS-4 Form )
6 Business Information Sheet.
Business Debt Schedule
7 By-Laws of the Company / Operating agreement
8 Interim Financial Statements – from your last tax reporting period to present
9 BUSINESS TAX RETURNS – From the last 3 years
10 Busines bank statements – each account From the last 3 months
11 Copy of any licenses or permits related to the business.
12 Business projects and Projections related to the business.(Business plan if available)

From the Property (s): We will need :

1 The Note
2 The Deed
3 The Survey
4 Leases / Contracts
5 Proof of Insurance paid and current.
6 Proof of Property Taxes Paid and current
7 Proof of HOA ( Home Owners Association ) being paid and current.

Note: If you own a property free and clear : ( the release of lien or deed )

Note: Find attached a set of forms that need to be filled out and sign.

Note: We must collect all the above-mentioned documents in order to conduct
the assessment and prepare to apply for the most appropriate loan program
according to your needs.

Note: These are the preliminary documentation needed at the moment. We
could require further information depending on The Lender or Investor, as it is
needed, pls fill out the attached forms and send them back to us with all the
supporting information (documents).

Note: Feel free to call us if you have any questions

Find attached the forms that will be needed to be filled out and send back with the list of documents required.

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